Tinder Without Facebook Guide Online

Tinder Without Facebook: We all use Tinder but the app requires you to connect with your Facebook social account. But some times we just don't want to mix our social and dating life while using Tinder App. So this becomes hectic when your social life gets mixed up with Dating life, which is unfortunately bad. When you want to Tinder Login, you have to create your Tinder Account at first using Facebook account.
So when you register for Tinder using Facebook, but your friends on Facebook can know your on Tinder. If you think that this won't be a problem then I guess using Facebook With Tinder is not a problem. On the contrary, you will be looking for ways on how to use tinder without Facebook. So, I have created this guide in which I will be explaining how you can create tinder account easily without using Facebook.
Tinder Without Facebook  
The reason why people do not want to sing in using Facebook account is that their social and business life is at rise. The main issue is with privacy on dating app which is never assured and can be exploited easily as well.
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How To Use Tinder Without Facebook

To be frank, there is no other way that you can use tinder without Facebook but there are two certain ways in which you can reduce and minimize your privacy issue and helps you to save your social and real identity from tinder.
1. Create new Facebook Account
2. Tinder App Settings
So now we will be discussing the above two methods in details and let you decide which might work the best for you.

Create a New Facebook Account for Tinder

Precisely you will find it odd to link your real Facebook account to tinder like many others do. So,, in such a case I would advise you to create a new Facebook account to register for tinder separately.
I guess you know how to make a Facebook account and to be frank, its quite an easy process to follow. But anyways I will put the steps below.

  • First go to Facebook.com
  • Next you have to enter all your details from First, Last Name, Email Address, Date of Birth and most importantly Password.
  • When done just click on Signup button and you will have a new FB account

 Connect New Facebook Account To Tinder

Well you will now be wondering how to change the Facebook account linked to the tinder app. So, below are the steps you go to follow to do so.

  • First open the Tinder app from your device
  • Now go to Settings option from the top left section of the screen
  • Click on App Settings and tap on "Logout" button, also click on confirm
  • After that you have logged out old FB account from Tinder 
  • Then select "Login with Facebook" and log in using newly created Facebook account
  • Tada! Now you have logged in using new FB account for Tinder app!
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Change Tinder App Settings

When you login using Facebook on Tinder service, the app takes permission to post behalf of you on friends and your timeline as well. And it also sets tinder service linked to your account viewable by anyone who access your account. So, if you are not going to make a new Facebook account then follow below steps to change Tinder app priorities on Facebook.
  • Firstly you have to log in to your Facebook account
  • After that go to "Lock icon" and tap on settings
Tinder Without Facebook Guide 
  • From options select "Apps" and click on it 
  • Now you have find Tinder app and tap on it
  • Finally select the privacy option of Tinder app to "Only me"
Tinder Without Facebook Guide 

Thank you friends having reading this awesome guide on how you can minimize the risk of dating exposure on your real social life. So, I guess my guide about Tinder without Facebook would help you to swipe tinder without any risk indeed. I would love if you can share this guide with your friends online and post your comments below.

Tinder For PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Download

Tinder For PC: Tinder application is a International location based dating and hookup app which is a social giant now. This app lets users find other users with similar and mutual interest based on their Facebook preferences and more. Later the user who are matched up can chat and interact their thoughts along.

Tinder App was launched in the year 2012, when there was huge craze for online dating service. Then came out the Tinder application which since then has reached great heights of success and has crossed over 50 million registered users.
Tinder For PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Download

Let me explain how Tinder actually works, you firstly have to create a Tinder profile using your Facebook account. Then you set on to search for potential user who can match your interest, which are matched and shown up automatically by the app. Now you have to use Swipe motion gesture to choose between user with similar interest on the screen. The left swipe is to move to next photo while the right swipe is to select good match.

Tinder For PC Windows Desktop - Why To Use Tinder For PC?

So In this guide I will show you how to download Tinder App for PC using Bluestacks emulator. So, you might be wondering why use Tinder PC when it can be used on a normal Smartphone.
My answer yes you can use Tinder Apk for Android, but using such an brilliant app on small screen device isn't fair.
 But when you use Tinder App For PC, you can do more multitasking such as better video chat, text chat on bigger screen and many more. These are the few reasons why I and many people like us who like to date and use Tinder, are going for Tinder Download for PC.

Tinder App Features - Reasons why I use Tinder and you should too!

There are many dominant reasons why I use Tinder in my daily life, but let me share some of the special ones with you. So, guys start reading the app features from below.

  • It can be dowloaded for free of cost from online
  • It has been released for multiple operating platforms
  • You can create free account on Tinder app
  • It uses your Facebook account for intressts and preferences
  • Swipe gesture to select between potential users
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Tinder For PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10 Download

Tinder is really a nice dating app that has tremendous features that will amaze you indeed. Everyone likes to go on date and hookup with someone. But with the help of Tinder For PC, we can easily find someone in our location near by using Tinder Partner finder.
So I've thought that how long you and I would be hanging on Smartphones to use Tinder which are really hard to handle, communicate and more.
Tinder For PC Laptop 

  • First step is to download the Bluestacks Emulator from here
  • Now you have to open the emulator from the apps section
  • After that go to search bar, enter "Tinder" and wait
  • Now series of app are shown, select the Official Tinder app 
  • Then the app will begin to download and install once it is done
  • Next the app is being installed and will be done in quick time
  • Finally we have installed Tinder For PC using Bluestacks!

Kudos! my friends we have successfully downloaded Tinder App for PC with the help of Bluestacks emulator. I guess you've found our guide easy to under but if you still have any doubt then please post them in the below comments section.

Tinder For iPad iOS Download - Tinder App For iPhone iPad

Tinder For iPad: Tinder dating app as we all know is a popular hookup app for Android and iOS platform used by millions of people every day. We have seen so many love and dating application being released and used by people. But let me tell you that iPhone and iPad users love to use Tinder For iPad iOS because it has a simple interface but glossy look.

So you might be wondering what is Tinder and Tinder Meaning? Well Tinder is a dating app which is a location based hookup app that uses Facebook facility to create your profile standard.
Tinder For iPad iOS Download

Tinder Plus For iPad Download - Tinder Meaning?

The Tinder app allows you to browse Tinder Profile of millions of people across the globe and chat option allows you to communicate with them easily.

To be frank, Tinder For iPhone iPad of iOS platform seems to be one of the best dating apps. It is so because you can communicate and interact with millions of people globally. On the other hand Tinder being a location based dating app, allows its users to find their mates in location nearby. This feature has made Tinder stood unique, with more than 50 million users with verified status on the app. I guess it is your time to shine and find a better partner using this application.

Tinder Plus For iPhone iPad iOS Download - Tinder Plus For iOS

Before we get into the main guide to download about Tinder For iPad, I would like to discuss more about Tinder Plus. Like all other service Tinder has grown to 12 million matches per day and has more than 50 million registered users till date. So they have started a paid subscription in the month of March, 2015 and named it Tinder Plus which is available at the price $19.99 USD/month for user aged above 28 and $9.99 USD/month for users aged below 28.

In my view I will prefer going along with the normal version of Tinder App for the first few months. Later when you get a better hold of the app and its working then going for paid subscription such as Tinder Plus can be useful.

So what are you really waiting for, start downloading Tinder iPad App, then create your Tinder account and complete the verification process by using Facebook and your mobile number.
Tinder App

Download Tinder For iPad Mini 2 - Tinder App For iPad Download Steps

Well we now to the final steps where I will show you how to download and install Tinder For iPad iOS from online easily. But you have to make use of Wi-Fi or data connection in order to download the app from online.
Tinder For iPad iOS Download

  • First you will have to open iTunes store from your iPad
  • Then go to search bar and search for "Tinder" 
  • Or else you can directly visit Tinder app on Itunes from here
  • Now you have to click on "Install" button and app will begin to download
  • Once the app is downloaded, it will be installed in a minute
  • Now the Tinder app has been successfully installed for iPad iOS!

How To Install Tinder Plus For iPhone iPad

Guys the simple thing you need to understand is that to download Tinder For iPhone, you can follow the above steps.


Now start by installing Tinder For iPad which would feel more like a piece of cake. In the above guide you will find me explaining the ways to download Tinder For iOS iPad in the simplest ways. I would love to see some response from you guys, so why not share this guide online with your friends and family.